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Welcome to comments.collection. In computer programming, a comment is a human-readable note in the source code of a computer program. Comments can be used to explain how a program works, express feelings, and/or share messages. comments.collection is a curated collection of downloadable code projects. Projects in this collection integrate extensive comments written with beginners in mind.

collection submissions

Interested in submitting a code project? Send your project title, commented code, 50 words about the project, 50 words about you. Please also include process documentation like preliminary sketches (whiteboard, sketchbook, etc), pseudocode/notes, and/or interesting errors you discovered along the way! We are interested in thoughtful, learning-oriented projects. Keep the codexdesign philosophy in mind. ty!

made with Processing

made with P5.js


August 24 2020: The "selfDetermined" project is a little set of conceptual nudges, reminders, affirmations. The Processing piece is a list of affirmations that can be modified and output. The p5 piece is a mirror and uses your webcam to see you, in your personal learning environment.